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    1. 您好,歡迎進入立興集團官網!


      感謝緣讓我們相識相聚,感謝您的關心、支持與鼓勵。如今,立興集團已成為專業食品制造營銷商,集團擁有6家工貿企業,產品暢銷國內外, 企業聲譽日漸提升。



      Thanks for the predestination, we can know each other and get together. And thanks for your care, support and encourage. Now, Lixing group has been a big and professional food manufacturer with owing 6 industry & trade branch enterprises. The products of Lixing enjoy great popularity in home and abroad. Lixing groups reputation become better and better.

      People regard food as their prime want, and food safety should be given the top priority., Lixing group always keeping the concept of people is the most importantin mind when deciding to make the everlasting Lixing. The people who make the Lixing foods and who buy the Lixing foods both are the most respected person.. It is the base support for Lixing to survive and develop.

      The advance of Lixing group lies in the guidance spirits of People-oriented, technology-led, quality assurance, abide strictly by the ceremony be integrity of occupational culture, work hard and be responsible. We insisted to put the social responsibility on the important place, cautious and conscientious, brave to face the wind and waves. Letting the Lixing food manufacturer enjoy work achievements and human dignity . Letting the general consumers enjoy the worthy, safe, healthy and fashionable food. More ten yearsdevelop, Lixing group has got much glory. Lixing group will try the best to be much better, to make the food more deeply into peoples heart.

      "People can not stand without credibility. Business can not be prosperous without credibility", Lixing Group keeps a grateful heart for the community, to establish a business purposes of "quality first, reputation first", adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "self-understanding, the pursuit of excellence". In today's rapid development & increasingly fierce market competition, and during the founded of everlasting Lixing original ecology food . Lixing group continued to develop innovative, practical and refinement. It uses lofty strategic to program the business direction, uses scientific concept to standardized the operating mechanism, formating the efficient team by professionals .Lixing strives to shape the enterprise's core competitiveness. "Lixing Group" sincerely welcome all guests visit Lixing to seek the mutual development and share excitement of the delicious food.








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